Troll Killing 101

This page is dedicated to analyzing the situations surrounding and means of defeating The Outcast.


  • The Outcast is a troll with levels in barbarian
    • Extra bonus Con
    • Rage
    • Regeneration 5
      • Acid and Fire damage will hurt it
  • He is wearing a minor ring of fire resistance
    • Energy resistance 10 (fire)
  • He is wearing armor and weilds large weapons
    • Known: greatsword


  • He is in the Deadsnows mines
    • Two entrances: elevated opening, Fey Crossroads cave entrance
    • Several chokepoints and path splits (the kitchen/entry chamber, the main chamber/lower cave/living room)
  • Allies (more like minions), among them ogres and orcs (possibly goblins?)
    • Killed: ogre x6, orc x6
    • Known: orc warriors x2 and orc women x8
    • Possible: ogre x6-10, orc x10-20
    • Terrible: more trolls!


We need fire and/or acid. Two problems - best acid spell is Acid Splash (not an option) and possibly Acid Arrow (Thulsa has not learned this spell yet, but could). Acid Flasks are not strong enough. The party has the "fire" power to take him down (Scorching Ray, Fireball, Burning Hands, Flame of Faith, Oil Flasks) but needs to remove the ring.

Options include

  • Sunder the ring
    • AC 17 = 10 + 4 (item size modifier, fine?) + 3 (Dex mod of the wearer)
    • Provokes an attack of opportunity
    • Wastes a 12,000 gp item!
  • Disarm the ring Impossible! Requires grappling the troll.
  • Dispel the ring's effect
    • Medium range (150 ft.)
    • Caster level check (1d20 + caster level) vs. level of the object's spell (CL 3)
    • 1d4 rounds
  • Cut off the troll's arm Is this allowed/possible under v3.5 rules? If not, why mention limb reattachment in the monster description?
    • Dustin says: We should probably resolve this in a fashion similar to the Hydra. All the normal sunder rules apply except: The attack must be made with a slashing weapon, and the object (external organ) has a small amount of the creature's hp, determined by the number of these he has. In this case, a troll (63 hp) has 10 fingers and 2 arms, so a troll's finger would have 63/10 hp, or 6 hp per finger. A troll's arm would have 63/2 hp, or 31 hp. A troll's head, then, would have 63 hp. (Aside: An ettin (65 hp) would only have 32 hp per head!) Removing an organ or limb in such a way deals half the object's hp (in this case, 3 or or 15) back to the creature in question. A power such as fast healing or regeneration would apply to all a creature's organs in cases of partial sundering (so, needless to say, this is rarely an effective tactic).

We need to infiltrate the mine and reach the troll with as little interaction with other possible allies. Or, we need to dispatch his allies before he gets to us in open combat. It can be assumed, based on his response time last fight, that the lower chambers are unused.

Options include

  • Infiltrate via the Fey Crossroads to catch the troll from behind and without his gaurd
    • Can we (should we) lure the troll through the Crossroad and close it somehow?
      • Drown him in the pond?
      • This is dependent on a lot of specific situations lining up… unlikely
    • We would need to secure an escape through the pond that can withstand his assault
  • Assault the main entrance, funnelling enemies through the small entrance, holding defensive postures allowing the front line to be healed and the enemies to be killed with long range attacks
    • If he seriously has 6-10 more ogres… I don't know. We held that door very well. A bull rush or two and we're done, but they're stupid.
    • And how many can we take down without wasting magic?
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