Race Hobgoblin
Alignment Evil
Patron Deity Maglubiyet
Character Sheet

Uglúk is the chieftain and warlord of the Red Hand goblin tribe. He is tall and muscular, with bright red skin, a toothy maw, and greatly elongated ears. He has thick black curly hair with a swath of white that divides it cleanly in half, and a wispy mustache and beard reminiscent of a mongol khan. Uglúk is simultaneously a brilliant tactician and a charismatic leader, making him a threat to all of the free peoples of interior Faerûn, particularly in Northern Cormyr. Though his long-term goal is conquest of Cormyr and dominance over humankind, Uglúk is currently driven by revenge for his late brother Muzgash, who was killed in action by the Ebon League, through the negligence of his fiancee Lagduf. Uglúk is hot-tempered and intense, prone to outbursts of rage and bravado, but thus far this has never cost him a battle, and has won him several. Uglúk alone knows the secret of the red dragon Nalavara, though many among the tribe have their theories, and his lieutenants allege to have been anointed by the dragon in a sacred rite. Uglúk has always prided himself on being able to out-think and out-maneuver his adversaries, but so far the actions of the Ebon League have proved too erratic for Uglúk to reliably predict, which may be their only advantage over the Red Hand.

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