Prince Ugreth
Race Orc
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Patron Deity Gruumsh
Character Sheet

Ugreth, also known as Prince Ugreth and Ugreth Many-Arrows is the youngest and last living son of orc king Obould Many-Arrows. Sent to scout the village of Deadsnows, primarily to keep him out of his father's way, Ugreth and his armies were defeated by the Silver Company and the orc-prince was delivered to King Harbromm of Citadel Adbar. With the death of Ugreth's eldest brother Urlgen Threefist at the hands of the moon elf Innovindil, Obould, who had already considered Ugreth a corpse, took a renewed interested in his youngest son's welfare. In a rare diplomatic move, the orc-king thrice sent emissaries to Citadel Adbar, and thrice Harbromm had Obould's diplomats executed and their bodies impaled on his dragonspires.

The leaders of other cities of the Silver Marches Confederation, High Lady Alustriel in particular, see the return of Ugreth as the first step in a long process of peace with Obould, bringing an end to the constant warfare that plagues Luruar. Harbromm disagrees, and kings Emerus Warcrown and Bruenor Battlehammer share this view, and so Ugreth has become something of a point of contention among the rulers of the Silver Marches, which risks to shake the league to its very foundation. Each side seeks the support of famous heroes such as the Silver Company.

Blackfang and Bloodjaws

Ugreth had two pet worgs named Blackfang and Bloodjaws that he brought with him to Deadsnows. Blackfang and Bloodjaws first attacked Ivellios Thornblade and Respen Tuin as they traveled the road south to Deadsnows. Both worgs escaped with their lives. As Ivellios and Zichew Bejiad descended Mount Grimfang following their ordeal with the wyvern, Blackfang and Bloodjaws attacked again. Bloodjaws was killed while attempting to flee, but Blackfang managed to escape. Blackfang later led several orcs into battle with Zichew, Qawm, Paron Andris, and Thulsa Doomhammer, but was repelled. The worg was finally killed in the mines beneath Mount Oervhek by Respen Tuin as the other heroes assailed Ugreth himself.

Game Statistics

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