Race Hobgoblin
Heroic Class Warden 5
Alignment Evil or Chaotic Evil
Patron Deity Maglubiyet
Player Dave Hickling

Wartooth is a hobgoblin warden and a veteran of the Goblin War of 1371 DR. Wartooth reminds you of a mountain, and he has a short, wide build, and reddish-brown skin that almost looks like bark in some places. He has slanted brown eyes that are like two discs of wood, and a domed forehead with curly, tar-black hair that is short and wild. His armor is made from animal hides, accented with a lot of orange and red. He has a basso voice which echoes and carries easily. In battle, Wartooth is an patient opportunist, waiting for the best time to strike. When the battle starts however, he is relentless—any enemy that does not give Wartooth their full attention will have their bones shattered under the weight of his hammer.

After the Goblin War (or the War of Human Aggression, as the goblins know it) Wartooth fled into the Stonelands. Since the goblin tribes were in ruins, it was up to the strongest survivors to start new clans. Wartooth reluctantly took a lieutenancy to a wiry hobgoblin warlord called Skwigelf, and together they formed the Stoneblood tribe beneath this inspirational leader, who was now supported by the steadfastness of his warden.

The Stonebloods tracked the insurgency of humankind and tracked the movement of the infamous beats of the Stonelands to avoid confrontation. The tribe was always on the move; their numbers were small but their members were strong. After several years in hiding, Wartooth grew weary of this lifestyle and told Skwigelf that if was time to make their move, but Skwigelf hesitated. When the warchief of the Red Hand Tribe, Uglúk, came to claim the Stonebloods for himself. The heads of the two tribes met, and eventually Skwigelf accepted Uglúk's offer. Wartooth was disgusted by his chieftain's weakness and decapitated Skwigelf where he stood. He told Uglúk that if he wanted the Stonebloods, he would have to take them.

Wartooth challenged Uglúk to single combat and was quickly bloodied and beaten, but he struggled for what seemed like a lifetime, even as Uglúk's victory became more and more apparent. Uglúk was impressed by Wartooth's resolve, and after explaining his own plans to remove Skigelf even after he kowtowed to the Red Hand's demands, Uglúk spared Wartooth and offered him a place in his elite bodyguard.

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