Wildlands Rest

The Wildlands Rest is a tavern at the Fork, part of the road from Sundabar to Citadel Adbar. Though it's a far cry from Silverymoon's posh bars and Citadel Adbar's expansive festhalls, it is a popular destination among travelers all the same.


While the Fork is not much of an intersection these days, it is a landmark and frequent stopping place for traffic bound to or from Citadel Adbar. Last year two old adventurers—Irvag the Bear and his partner Grumbelham Goldhand—set out to build a wayside inn at the Fork. Marauding orcs have discovered more than once that the two of them still know how to use their blades. Irvag and Grumbelham have raised a stone-walled building that is more of a blockhouse than an inn, but it’s a sound and safe place to rest the night. The two entrepreneurs are constantly expanding their building and improving its furnishings.

Irvag the Bear

Irvag the Bear
Race Human
Class Rogue 2/Fighter 4
Alignment Chaotic Good

Statistics forthcoming.

Grumbelham Goldhand

Grumbelham Goldhand
Race Gold Dwarf
Class Fighter 5
Alignment Neutral


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