Worgs are sinister wolves that have attained some intelligence and an evil disposition. They sometimes associated with other evil beings, particularly goblins, which they serve as mounts and guardians.


This beast looks like a dark-colored wolf with a malevolent intelligence in its face and eyes.

Worgs usually live and hunt in packs. Their favored prey is large herbivores. Although they typically stalk and kill young, sick, or weak animals, they don’t hesitate to hunt humanoids, particularly when game is scarce. Worgs may stalk humanoid prey for hours or even days before attack, and choose the most advantageous terrain and time of day to do so (during predawn hours, for example).

A typical worg has gray or black fur, grows to 5 feet long and stands 3 feet tall at the shoulder. It weighs 300 pounds.

More intelligent than their smaller cousins, worgs speak their own language. Some can also speak Common and Goblin.

Knowledge (nature)

“Mated pairs or packs work together to bring down large game, while lone worgs usually chase down creatures smaller than themselves. Both often use hit-and-run tactics to exhaust their quarry.” –Ivellios Thornblade

“A pack usually circles a larger opponent; each worg attacks in turn, biting and retreating, until the creature is exhausted, at which point the pack moves in for the kill. If they get impatient or heavily outnumber the opponent, worgs attempt to pin it.” –Qawm

Game Statistics

NE medium magical beast
Init +2; Senses darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision, scent; Listen +6, Spot +6
Languages Worg
AC 14, touch 12, flat-footed 12
hp 30 (4 HD)
Fort +6, Ref +6, Will +3
Speed 50 ft. (10 squares)
Melee bite +7 (1d6+4)
Base Atk +4; Grp +7
Atk Options trip
Abilities Str 17, Dex 15, Con 15, Int 6, Wis 14, Cha 10
SQ poison use
Feats Alertness, Track
Skills Hide +4, Listen +6, Move Silently +6, Spot +6, Survival +2
Trip (Ex) A worg that hits with a bite attack can attempt to trip her opponent (+3 check modifier) as a free action without making a touch attack or provoking an attack of opportunity. If the attempt fails, the opponent cannot react to trip the worgs.

Blackfang and Bloodjaws

Prince Ugreth, the son of King Obould Many-Arrows, had a pair of pet worgs named Blackfang and Bloodjaws that he brought with him to Deadsnows. They harried the player characters on several occasions, and Respen Tuin bore them immeasurable hatred.

Blackfang and Bloodjaws first attacked Ivellios Thornblade and Respen Tuin as they traveled the road south to Deadsnows. Bloodjaws was driven off first by Ivellios while Blackfang felled Respen. Both worgs escaped with their lives. Blackfang attacked Respen as he traveled into the highlands alone and Respen was again defeated, but was rescued by Feldys Oakshadow.

As Ivellios Thornblade and Zichew Bejiad descended Mount Grimfang following the ordeal with the wyvern, Blackfang and Bloodjaws attacked again. Bloodjaws was killed while attempting to flee, but Blackfang managed to escape.

Blackfang later led several orcs into battle with Zichew, Qawm, Paron Andris, and Thulsa Doomhammer, but was repelled. The worg was finally killed in the mines beneath Mount Oervhek by Respen Tuin as the other heroes assailed Ugreth himself.

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