Wyvern's Tail

Formerly known as the Vanderhouse, the Wyvern's Tail is a tavern owned by the entrepreneurial Silver Company.


The Vandarhouse was once owned and operated by the half-orc Vandar. Passing dwarves, a handful of orcs, and roughneck gold-panners frequented the establishment for drinking, eating, and gambling. This hive of scum and villainy also served as Vandar's base of operation for information-gathering, selling drugs, and trafficking human slaves through the Zhentarim. The Silver Company was responsible for clearing out Vandar and her forces, leaving the Vandarhouse abandoned.

The Hideout

The Silver Company discovered some secret chambers under the Vandarhouse, in addition to some innocuous storage and a magically cooled refrigeration room. A clever double portcullis separates these basic rooms from the secret underground workspaces and hideouts.

There is a monster pen, complete with cages and chains. Zichew and Respen have setup a rudimentary alchemical workstation. Thulsa has prepared a large desk with pens and ink for researching and crafting arcane spells and scrolls.

A secret tunnel exits these caves some distance outside of snowtown. A wagon could be driven up to, or even into, the hideout, if needed.

Early Use

The Silver Company saw the Vandarhouse and secret tunnels below as an opportunity to setup a base of operations. The tavern was left in general disrepair for some time, as the heroes were busy in the work spaces below, and with adventures about the area. Respen Tuin was always interested in setting up the house as a proper tavern again, not just for a few coins, but to run his own information gathering schemes.


As the Silver Company wrapped up their business in Deadsnows, they decided to sink some funds into the tavern, as a way of keeping their options open in the town. They brought their friend, scribe, and shrewd businessman, Pavel, on-board as general manager. They spent enough money to hire employees and stock the larders for a year of operation, until the tavern could be profitable on its own.

The company filled the tavern with various cultural and artistic items that they had received throughout their adventures. Several ancient paintings, tapestries, and fancy sculptures now grace the newly re-furnished dining room. Respen personally hired a wait staff that would blend in, serve the patrons well, and keep their ears open for rumors.

A grand re-opening celebration was held late in the night after the High Hunt (in which the Silver Company had the unique pleasure of participating). The heroes returned to a joyful crowd and made the most of their evening. Lady Icespear herself even graced the gala with her presence, if only for a few short minutes.

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