Zharreth Bejiad
Zharreth Bejiad
Race Gnome
Heroic Class Warlock 10
Alignment Good
Patron Deity Tymora
Player Brian Oswald
Zharreth Bejiad

Zharreth Bejiad is a gnome warlock and member of the Silver Company. He is the cousin of retired adventurer Zichew Bejiad. After a fierce battle in which he was stunned by a night hag, badly beaten by owlbears, and finally trapped inside a Wall of Fire by Thulsa Doomhammer, he suffered irreparable physical and psychological harm, and he was sent to a hospice in Silverymoon to recover. The prognosis is unlikely he'll ever be fit for adventuring again…


Zharreth Bejiad is a cunning and clever gnome who prefers deception over open confrontation or honest work. Zharreth has a slender build, piercing green eyes, orange hair, and a brilliant smile.


Zharreth Bejiad left Everlund at a young age and began working with the Harpers in Waterdeep. Zharreth failed his first true Harper espionage mission when he drew the anger of his target, Lord Amasticia, by sleeping with his daughter. Lord Amasticia’s supposed connections with the Zhentarim were, however, confirmed when the enraged trade baron began sending Zhentarim hitmen after the gnome.

While on the run, Zharreth rescued a member of an eladrin adventuring company, the Feywild Seven. In exchange for his help, the noble elves offered the gnome sanctuary in the hidden city Evereska. There Zharreth swore a pact to protect Evereska and its mythal from the incursions of evil.

Zharreth enjoyed the safety of the hidden city until Zichew’s damn machines began showing up. At first, it was a tiny clockwork dragonfly asking for help finding a lost airship. Zharreth ignored it. A second clockwork dragonfly appeared a few days later, telling him that the Silver Company could help with the search. Zharreth ignored that one too. Over the next month larger and larger machines began appearing at Zharreth’s door, asking for help finding Barrend’s missing airship.

A week after the last machine arrived, Zharreth was attacked in his own home by one of Amasticia’s Zhent assassins. Protected by his powerful fey patrons, the gnome easily dispatched the contract killer. On the corpse, Zharreth found the remains of yet another of his cousin’s robotic messengers. The assassin had clearly followed it to Evereska. But more disturbing was the fact that the assassin had accomplished the Passing into the hidden city.
Driven by his sworn oath, Zharreth left Evereska in order to draw away anymore Black Network agents. Before he left, the gnome informed the Feywild Seven of the Zhent intrusion.

The Silver Company

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