The Zhentarim, also called "The Black Network" was an evil organization based in Zhentil Keep in the Moonsea region. They were particularly infamous for their wizards and fighters, as well as their greed, military conquest, slave trading, and just being ill-tempered guys.

The Zhentarim was strongly devoted to the god Bane. When Netheril (specifically, Shade Enclave) returned to the Material Plane from the Shadowfell, they bombarded Zhentil Keep and the Citadel of the Raven, destroying them and most of the Zhentarim along with it. Today, all that remains is the citadel known as Darkhold.

Zhentil Keep

The Zhentarim was based out of Zhentil Keep, whose citizens were known as the Zhent. The majority of Zhent were not members of the Zhentarim, nor was the city's militia the army of the Zhentarim, but they became collateral damage when the Netherese attacked Zhentil Keep all the same. The Netherese spared no one who did not swear allegiance to the reborn Empire of Netheril, whether Zhent or Zhentarim.

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