Zichew Bejiad
Zichew Bejiad
Race Gnome
Heroic Class Artificer 11
Paragon Path Clockwork Engineer
Alignment Good
Patron Deity Gond
Player Brian Oswald
Zichew Bejiad

Zichew Bejiad is a svirfneblin artificer of Gond from Lantan.


Zichew parted ways with the Silver Company in Deadsnows. The Silver Company proceeded to the Moonwood to locate the Herald’s Holdfast. In the meantime, Zichew began searching the nearby ruins at Xammux for ancient texts, a gift for the library at the Herald‘s Holdfast. The exchange of historical, philosophical, technical, or arcane texts is a formal custom of Lantanese diplomats. To arrive at the grand archives of the Herald’s Holdfast without such a gift would be quite the inconsiderate faux pas.

Luckily, Zichew discovered a scroll detailing the centuries old battle between the people of the High Forrest and the inhabitants of Xammux. The scroll was penned by an assistant to the general of Xammux’s armies. The scroll sheds light on the lost military customs, beliefs, and social norms of the people of Xammux. Unfortunately, Zichew was separated from the Bach Mk. IV when the ruins partially collapsed.

Zichew is currently on his way to Quaervarr to reunite with the Silver Company.


Zichew Bejiad was born in a small Underdark village to a family of metalworkers. Drow incursions forced his family to the surface where they eventually emigrated to the island nation of Lantan.

Zichew joined the Church of Gond and entered an apprenticeship under the tutelage of Barendd Silverhammer. Barendd taught the gnome how to create machines, both mundane and magical. Despite unbounded enthusiasm, Zichew’s inventions were comically impractical and rarely worked. Nonetheless, Zichew became a member of the Order of the Techsmiths. He carries his membership card and Techsmith Decoder Ring at all times. In his spare time he reads the latest issue of Modern Techsmith Monthly.

Zichew left Lantan unwillingly; the fallout of a love triangle between himself, his former friend Thamior Amasticia, and their mutual friend Annabelle Leigh Tarkio.

Rumors began to circulate about Thamior’s alleged illicit financial ventures. Out of concern for their friend, Annabelle sought Zichew’s assistance in investigating Thamior‘s wayward behavior.

Thamior, who thought of Annabelle as his paramour, became increasingly jealous of the time that she spent with Zichew. In a fit of rage, Thamior (along with several hired goons) attacked Zichew in the High Holy Crafthouse of Inspiration. Zichew defended himself by commanding a number of prototype Gondsmen. The battle resulted in massive blaze that consumed the entire northern wing of the High Holy Crafthouse and left Thamior badly burned.

Because of the extensive damage and widespread panic caused by the battle, the Ayrorch had no choice but to exile Zichew from Lantan.


Barendd Silverhammer suggested that a significant technological discovery from the mainland of Faerun would likely convince the Ayrorch to grant Lantanese citizenship again. With this in mind, Zichew scours mainland ruins for the ancient devices, forgotten formulae, and lost tomes that will return him to his beloved Lantan.

Zichew had already departed from Waterdeep by the time that Thamior recovered. To this day he hunts for the gnome. Each month brings another bumbling bounty hunter or crudely drawn wanted poster. Zichew still considers Thamior as a friend and hopes to one day save his friend from his evil ways.


Zichew has dark grey skin and spiky black hair. He stands a full three feet tall and is lean, even for a gnome. A bright smile plays across his face.

Zichew wears a multi-pocketed dark green cloak, double buttoned at the high collared neck. Under the cloak is a white tunic, covered by vest-like leather armor emblazoned with the holy symbol of Gond. Adorning his waist is a leather tool belt, stuffed with tools, reagents, potions, explosives, and spare parts. The lowest pockets of the belt nearly reach his calf-high, steel-toed, dark brown boots. Between the belt and the boots, it is barely discernable that Zichew wears dark blue work pants. A small leather backpack sits high on Zichew’s back, and has numerous clips, snaps, and magnets for keeping any type of equipment at the ready. He wears fingerless gloves with pockets on the back for small lock picks. Zichew is never seen without his trademark telescopic goggles on his forehead.

Zichew is followed by a small retinue of mechanical followers, each in various states of disrepair. Parts of Lantanese quality are difficult to find on the mainland, and Zichew can only fashion so many gears, springs, and joints himself.


Zichew has an irrepressible good hearted nature. He is truly passionate about his craft and firmly believes that invention should not be restricted by laws or traditions. Zichew treats all of his creations as masterpieces, adorned with engraved patterns, sculptures in relief, and other artistic flourishes.

His curiosity drives him to inspect anything of a mechanical or arcane nature. He does so unashamedly and without regard for etiquette or law.

Like all gnomes, Zichew also has a reputation for being a prankster.

The Silver Company

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